Just a little test see how best to add photos to my new blog. now i need to write something to see how it handles text and images. bla bla bla. don’t know what to say but yet I keep writing. must be I’ll be a good blogger after all. 3rd

Always Thinking Chile Too!

While most my time is spent with plasticbinrepair.com and my day job with andreaskellerresturant.com I’m still thinking of up coming adventures in Southern Chile. I may have a line on inflatable kayaks. Three tandems would be outstanding to take down for next year.

Plastic Plastic Plastic

Still continuing to moving ahead with plastic bin repair. spent time with Brad and Stephen at Northern Fruit (northernfruit.com) in Douglas County the last couple of days. Fixed a few cherry bins both HDPE (Polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene). Went a little slow — new techniques I’ll develop to move faster and keep the cost down for clients will be my fun challenges in up coming days and weeks.

Brand new day

Interesting spin on my travel adventures…

While learning to build and design small river boat in Southern Chile I accidentally stumbled on a side business that I’m ramping up as we speak.  It’s extrusion welding of thermoplastics.  Thermoplastic (especially HDPE) may be my material of choice for river exploration, but it is industry’s choice for hundreds of thousands of products big and small.  Now my knowledge of welding these plastics will be put to use here in the Wenatchee Valley.  I have a vary basic splash page up at:  www.plasticbinrepair.com.  Expect the info and look of this new page to change dramatically with the days to come.