Powder Snow

Two Novembers in a row and we’re blessed with some of the driest snow the Cascades can produce.  All be it with a boulder and grass base.  Yeah that’s right, what a wast.  So no BC turns for me yet, but wait… Another storm on the horizon.  Please oh please let it rain concrete and get us off to good firm start.  Lets save the cold smoke for January when we’re really depressed.  Asphyxiation  by deep fluffy snow is one way to ended serous cabin fever.  I should be thinking more about ice climbing here around Leavenworth considering sub zero temps must be doing wonders with creeks and seeps.  But hay,  that stuff scares me, and my normal ice gun is still in recovery mode so I’m off the hook for early season ice dangles.  fewww!

Back from the the SW

had 2.35 good weeks climbing in Yosemite and Red Rocks.  Back working at the Keller and trying to finish my very over due updates for my website.  www.lostgringo.com.  If successful I will combine lostgringo and downriverrentals site into one.  Looks like I’ll be able to nest the blog into my site which is great, because I’m hoping it will give me the motivation I recently

One of the wet mornings that forced us to bail.

lacked to keep everybody reading (0.3 persons) more in touch.