P Montt, no surprise.

All the normal things I have to do in Puerto Montt in order to start my real trip. DONE! Yes, many days between posts, but many boring and un-note worthy errands accomplished. You should be gratefull I haven’t bored you with the details of the: oil change, technical inspection, white gas shopping, gear inventorying, etc etc. All that done and, ready to launch.

Other than that, Benji has arrived here to the land of rain. He is to bike the Carretera Austral and Alpacka Raft the entire Rio Baker. Holy… I think I need to move out of Leavenworth. Cause my neighbors (among them is this Ben Hardgrove guy) from there are absolutely nuts! Very bad influences on me.

I’m Hungry…

Man I have been in the mood for Peruvian Ceviche. To much shrimp with cocktail sauce lately. I got to get the good stuff. Please excuse the excited utterance. Will get back to Patagonia adventures ASAP.