Have I mentione…

Have I mentioned it’s been raining!!! Well, one calm clear(ish) morning I snuck out of Horopiren and made my way to the hot springs. a few days there and I got up the courage to run up river. What I saw was a little discouraging. Bolder runs that I’d hoped were going to be blow’n out, had simply swelled to mammoth proportions. Good for us, I was the only person living in a fantasy world where rapids would get run-able with excessive amounts of rain; that way I was the only person disappointed with sitch.

So the Weather

So the weather is not improving, big surprise, but still I’ll head down to Rio Negro and the hot spring’s of Pumalin. After last years weak attempt at reaching Lake Abascal, My thoughts have been captivated by what may lay hidden up stream from that infamous waterfall. So I’ll go. In fact, I’ve already arrived in Hornopiren. Did I forget to mention that. Well, I did and it is still raining. It is actually raining even more here. The weather hasn’t stop peddle power Ben from making is first goal. He’s here too. Man, it is really raining. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make a break for the Fjord.