In the wake of disaster, I keep finding paradise!

What a place Chaitén.  My opinions on the town, it’s governance, and it’s landscape has changed so much since the eruption of 2008.  My opinions — they keep going back and forth, up and down on such grave issues. Since then, I’ve learned a lot and seen so much more, but the direction the community need to take still seems unclear to me.   My thoughts, so petty, in comparison to those of the displaced.  So… instead of thought stock, I’ll post some pics from my first visit to village the summer following the floods (Jan 2009).

Off gassing as seen from town.

Turns out these gasses are very dangerous.  Ed and myself hike to the rim of the caldera the very next day!

A sea of death

Ed in the middle of all that destruction.  We’ve just started the hike — what an eye opening experience!

This the very moment I felt my very first tremor. And I was about a quarter mile away from any active volcano crater!
From the very edge of the caldera!!!





















I was very glade to discover the cone of the volcano (and most of the venting) was located on the very opposite edge of the caldera from where we were.  Not to mention we had a favorable wind that day too.  That was an experience, to say the least.  One of many I’ve had in the area since.  I’ll talk more about 2011 in my next posts.  Cheers, Dave

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