Reñihué [REN-IE-WAY]

I’m going to Reñihué. Not because I want to visit the fjord or because it has the only visitor center in the Pumalin complex, but because the small river at the head of the fjord. Rio Reñihué is there, it is not mighty and only a few bother to visit. Those that do visit, never really see much beyond Tompkins’ ranch and summer retreat. The trail long grown over and the originally settlers long since bought out and now they are likely living a comfortable life miles from this lovely valley. This river goes up at a gradual slope until finally it is in the middle of no where. Until finally, it is in the middle of the cordillera! Several lakes, the north side of Volcano Michinmahuida, and the Argentine border are its only neighbors. Maybe it is obvious why I’m drawn.

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