Bump Up

A spot of sun got me off my duff into my itty-bitty jet boat and I headed out into the great big fjord.  Glade I waited that extra day, because right at the beach of the cove it seemed flat — flat as glass, but once you get out a couple hundred meters it’s a whole another thing.  The wind didn’t whip up, but those slow moving roller had a direct shot coming in from the gulf.  My boat at a buck-fiddy doesn’t take roller well, but they were’n’t all that bad and we made it no problem to the start of the river.  Hmmm the river, took me some time find the windy channel leading to the true blue stream of fresh water, but we got it and my heart only spent a minute or two up in throat.  It always tough crossing from the ocean to river — never straight forward reading the mixing of the two waterways.  That is an allowable minor freak-out, nothing like the troubles that were about to come.  Oops, I said to  much.  Well yeah, I had a larger freak out up the river 20 mins later.  My motor when poo and I was in the middle of rather large sustained white water stretch just above two vary large snags crossing almost the entire river at constrictions just a bit below.  I’m frantic; a moment of paddling like a banshee got me into an eddie and out of the rivers might and way.  Everything looked OK so why’d  my motor stall?  Vapor lock on the fuel tank was my only guess, and it seems to be running fine now.  Oh, but my nerves are fried!  So I walk the bank of the river a bit to see if the tough rapids continue on or let up.  Bush and river braids keep me from advancing very far so I make the call to head down.  Premature yes, but my nerves were in need of rest.  I should have talked Marcos into this trip too it’s better to have someone you can share the stress with.  I know later I’ll think back and wish I’d forged on.  But for right now, I’ve got to get pass those large snags at super high down river velocities.  And I do.  No problamo!  Hell, this supposed to be my vacation so I’m going to Fundo Pillan!!   A little R & R.

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