So the Weather

So the weather is not improving, big surprise, but still I’ll head down to Rio Negro and the hot spring’s of Pumalin. After last years weak attempt at reaching Lake Abascal, My thoughts have been captivated by what may lay hidden up stream from that infamous waterfall. So I’ll go. In fact, I’ve already arrived in Hornopiren. Did I forget to mention that. Well, I did and it is still raining. It is actually raining even more here. The weather hasn’t stop peddle power Ben from making is first goal. He’s here too. Man, it is really raining. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make a break for the Fjord.

P Montt, no surprise.

All the normal things I have to do in Puerto Montt in order to start my real trip. DONE! Yes, many days between posts, but many boring and un-note worthy errands accomplished. You should be gratefull I haven’t bored you with the details of the: oil change, technical inspection, white gas shopping, gear inventorying, etc etc. All that done and, ready to launch.

Other than that, Benji has arrived here to the land of rain. He is to bike the Carretera Austral and Alpacka Raft the entire Rio Baker. Holy… I think I need to move out of Leavenworth. Cause my neighbors (among them is this Ben Hardgrove guy) from there are absolutely nuts! Very bad influences on me.

I’m Hungry…

Man I have been in the mood for Peruvian Ceviche. To much shrimp with cocktail sauce lately. I got to get the good stuff. Please excuse the excited utterance. Will get back to Patagonia adventures ASAP.

Busy Body…

Take´n care of the things here in P Montt. Ready to head south ASAP, but we keep getting these rain days. hmm, sounds familiar!

Ahhh… back in the land of rain.

Well, the start of another Patagonian trip is always filled with mixed emotions. Yesterday I had the option to fly from Santiago to Puerto Montt for only 150 bucks, but passed so I could get some quality bus time in. You hit a cetain meridian as you head south and you can always count on it to start to rain. I guess that is why I come, right.


Winter’s hit nicely and I’m happy to report I’ve had some fine early days of touring so far this year.  Let’s hope patterns keep up yeah.

finally made headway on my site updates. I need some nice ski pics.  will have to put some effort into that.